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Our campaign priorities and initiatives are organized to help you identify the best fit for your gift. Click on a single initiative or use the search tool and toggle menus to learn more about how your gift will support Linfield University for generations to come.


With a 2019–2020 first-year class that was 36 percent US students of color and 42 percent first-generation college students, Linfield is uniquely enriched by diversity. Today, Linfield provides financial aid to 97 percent of its students. To sustain a student body that is exceptional in every way, Linfield must remain accessible to promising students, regardless of their financial means. When we invest in scholarships, we open doors to a diverse population of students who see the university as a portal to opportunity. We also address the human capital needs of our region by preparing students to serve and lead in the Pacific Northwest.

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Faculty support.

New endowed professorships and chairs, which recognize educator excellence and support innovative teaching and research, are critical to Linfield’s ability to attract and cultivate faculty in key academic departments and programs. Additional endowed funds will enable the university to support and recognize exemplary contributions in the creative disciplines and cultivate excellence across the faculty.

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A leading-edge science center.

Whether students become scientists or science-informed leaders, cultivating science awareness is part of Linfield’s commitment to providing a comprehensive, interdisciplinary education. Outmoded, overcrowded science facilities now stand in the way. Rising to meet Oregon’s demand for a skilled STEM workforce, a new science center—designed for inclusive, collaborative, immersive learning and discovery—is the key initiative of this campaign.

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A modern nursing campus.

The number of Linfield students majoring in nursing has grown 27 percent in the past decade. To serve students and address the strong regional need for health-care expertise, Linfield has purchased a 20-acre campus in Portland. Campaign investments will help realize the potential of this location, enabling Linfield to develop well-rounded health-care professionals.

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Athletic facilities.

Sports are a defining tradition at Linfield University, carried forward by athletes who excel in the classroom as well as on the field. Thirty percent of Linfield students participate in a team sport at the intercollegiate level. This campaign calls for investments in soccer and lacrosse fields and other facilities to sustain the excellence of Wildcat athletics.

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Linfield University Fund.

Because Linfield shines even brighter when we all play a role in its success, this campaign includes support for the Linfield University Fund. In addition to raising funds for everyday operations, this initiative aims to cultivate a tradition of giving back. Every gift matters, and everyone who gives can take pride as Linfield’s star rises.

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Immersive learning.

Nearly half of Linfield students participate in a study-abroad program. Eighty-two percent take an internship. Many others contribute to academic research or benefit from programs dedicated to first-generation student success. This campaign supports initiatives like these and spurs innovation in Linfield’s academic offerings.

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Student athletes.

Great facilities alone cannot sustain a standout athletics program. This campaign bolsters support for sports teams, providing resources to improve the experience of Wildcat athletes, the dedicated coaches who guide them, and the fans who root for them.

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