To help address frequently asked questions, we have compiled a quick reference guide for your convenience. Please reach out to Linfield University Institutional Advancement at 503.883.2217 for additional questions.

What is the Spark Wonder Campaign? The Spark Wonder campaign began its public phase in late 2020. This essential $75 million comprehensive fundraising campaign prepares Linfield University for the future by building on defining strengths and unleashing brilliant potential.

Why is Linfield engaged in a campaign? The goals of this Campaign are essential to the future of Linfield, supporting the overarching vision of keeping the university relevant, excellent, true to itself, and able to produce graduates who are capable, empowered, and responsible citizens and leaders.

How can I get involved? Donating to the Linfield Fund or any of the Spark Wonder campaign priorities are helpful to the success of Linfield and the fundraising campaign. Engaging with Linfield Alumni activities and spreading the word about the great things happening at the university are also crucial ways to assist Linfield.

What is the Linfield Fund? The Linfield Fund offers an ability to touch every facet of the Linfield experience. The fund provides scholarships and financial aid to students; allows the University to spend funds wherever needs are greatest on campus; and improve students’ lives today.

Where should I direct my gift and will it count toward the campaign? The priorities of the campaign can be found here. Any gift that you make to Linfield University, regardless of designation, is a gift to the Spark Wonder campaign. Even a deferred gift commitment made through an estate plan or some other method counts.

What is Linfield’s Federal Tax Identification Number? Linfield University’s Federal Tax Identification Number is 93-0391586.

How can I get in touch with someone if I am interested in meeting and/or including Linfield in my estate planning, would like a copy of my gift receipt, or would like to update my personal information with Linfield? If you have any questions, please contact the Linfield Univeristy Institutional Advancement at 503.883.2217 or email (giving@linfield.edu).